The House of Graphs

The House of Graphs is a resource developed by graph theorists at the Universities of Ghent and Mons to facilitate searches for graphs with certain properties, akin to the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. Following a search graphs can be output in a variety of formats. If you have an interesting graph, you can add it to their database, either by providing the graph6 name of the graph – or by simply using the drawing interface. Give it a try.

I added the last difficult graph I?bbrr[ko. You can find it in House of Graphs here. We intend to add all of the difficult graphs of INP to it. Hopefully this because a widely used tool.

For more information about this project, see:
G. Brinkmann, J. Goedgebeur, H. Mélot and K. Coolsaet, House of Graphs: a database of interesting graphs, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 161:311-314, 2013.


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